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The Fortune You Seek Might be in Another Cookie….

I wrote this blog for Active Rain, it a website where Realtors share their experience, properties, and network.

479864_10200169793341383_745216227_nChange, looking outside the box or getting rid of it all together is often the best course of action!  In real estate, every property is different, every property has a different history, story, owner, needs, location, terms, price, and best use.  The list of opportunities to market any property are long and offer so many options to market differently.  Sellers deserve this kind of service, do it do you do it new and different and keep it fresh?  What's your story... how you tell the property's story?  The use of video, twitter, facebook, sponsored facebook ads, newspaper, Linkedin, Vizify,direct mail, connecting at networking events, having open houses for specific target groups, open houses on weekends, zaptd short videos, "are you a power networker", do you work with other brokers, it's really together that we get this work done, researching where your potential buyers may come from...that reminds me, I gotta get back to work.....:)


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