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Earth Advantage®

Are you a homeowner or are you considering buying or building a sustainably built home?

Earth Advantage® Institute is a great place to start your research. This is where you can find out about basic principles of green building, the value of owning a certified energy efficient or green home, how much it costs to build green, where to find an experienced green builder, and how to “green up” your existing home. You can find out about classes, sign up for our newsletter or browse our resources section.



Ventilation and moisture control can keep small particles, allergens and molds out of your indoor environment and ductwork. Energy-saving features in a certified green home reduce energy consumption by at least 15% compared to a home built to code requirements. read more »


Whether you are interested in an introduction to green building, are considering a new green career path, or would like to differentiate yourself through a green professional certification, Earth Advantage Institute can help you meet your needs. read more »