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Connecting as a Volunteer…What does it take?

Life takes us on a ride sometimes!  If I get out of my own way by not coming up with reasons why I can't get something done, or take time to do all the tasks I should be getting done, I receive a gift that feels so good, it starts my day with such clarity and purpose that I feel the energy to move forward with incredible gratitude.  This morning I was invited to Skype with a group of women who I have come to know through volunteering with ADAO, (asbestos disease awareness organization).  My father lost his battle with mesothelioma years ago, and I started volunteering with ADAO about three years ago. I have received so much more than I give to this amazing organization.  The CEO of ADAO Linda Reinstein, Suzanne, another volunteer, Debbie an amazing woman who is fighting meso in the hospital in Plymouth, and Mavis from the UK, a well known warrior in the meso community, and I all talked for an hour over coffee this morning.  It was our first try at this, given the time difference those of us in the US were the early birds, our call began at 5AM, Debbie  and Mavis later in the day in the UK.  We connected over two continents..My message here is give and you will receive. Connecting takes energy, sometimes it means you get up early, learn new technology, take more time, listen more (there's the 2 ears 1 mouth ratio; we should listen more than we talk), appreciate the journey of others promises to open the gate to gratitude...

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