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Guest Blog by Attorney Ben Lawrence : Becoming a Landlord…

Guest Blog by Ben Lawrence of Lawrence & Lawrence Law P.C.

So you’ve bought a second home on the beautiful Pacific coast. Smart choice. It will no doubt bring many years of happy vacation memories, provide investment benefits, and some day even a place for retirement. All you need to do is get the home rented out for the first couple years until you can start taking those long summer vacations you’ve been working toward. Surely it can’t be that difficult.

Unfortunately, it is. Believe it or not, a new landlord is stepping into one of the most heavily legislated areas of Oregon law. Oregon Revised Statutes sections 90 and 105, which deal with landlord tenant relations and evictions, are some of the most restricting rules in Oregon law. The rules are technical, strict, heavily weighted in favor of the tenant, and often defy common sense. If you need to evict someone, and your notice doesn’t meet the statutory requirements in any way, be ready to lose at trial against a canny tenant’s attorney and be forced to start the 30+ day process over again, all while paying the Tenant’s attorney’s fees.

Should you become a Oregon landlord? YES, you should. Most of the time you will have a perfectly nice and reasonable tenant. Sometimes, however, you will have a bad tenant who will use every trick in the book to make trouble for you. However, you can protect yourself. The first step is to have a current rental agreement that has been crafted specifically for Oregon, which you have fully reviewed and fits your particular rental. The second is to carefully screen your potential tenants. The third step is to have a good understanding of your obligations per Oregon Revised Statutes 90 and 105. The fourth is to use a professional early if you have any doubts or uncertainties. In difficult cases, it’s worth creating an eviction plan before even sending the first notice. Fifth, it is vitally important to have patience in working through your statutory remedies.

That last one can be particularly difficult. It’s your home, your investment, and every month it’s costing you money. You want that bad tenant out as soon as possible. Who can blame you? If you have a plan, are patient, and follow the eviction rules carefully, you’ll get there. – Ben Lawrence, 3410 Hwy 101 N, Suite B, Gearhart, OR 97138, 503-739-7200

Design a roadmap to improve your credit score…

I often meet "wanna be homebuyers" who assume they will never own a home because of their credit problems. Anyone can improve their credit score, it takes organization and work, but it can be done. You owe it to yourself to do it!

Credit Report 101

Connecting as a Volunteer…What does it take?

Life takes us on a ride sometimes!  If I get out of my own way by not coming up with reasons why I can't get something done, or take time to do all the tasks I should be getting done, I receive a gift that feels so good, it starts my day with such clarity and purpose that I feel the energy to move forward with incredible gratitude.  This morning I was invited to Skype with a group of women who I have come to know through volunteering with ADAO, (asbestos disease awareness organization).  My father lost his battle with mesothelioma years ago, and I started volunteering with ADAO about three years ago. I have received so much more than I give to this amazing organization.  The CEO of ADAO Linda Reinstein, Suzanne, another volunteer, Debbie an amazing woman who is fighting meso in the hospital in Plymouth, and Mavis from the UK, a well known warrior in the meso community, and I all talked for an hour over coffee this morning.  It was our first try at this, given the time difference those of us in the US were the early birds, our call began at 5AM, Debbie  and Mavis later in the day in the UK.  We connected over two continents..My message here is give and you will receive. Connecting takes energy, sometimes it means you get up early, learn new technology, take more time, listen more (there's the 2 ears 1 mouth ratio; we should listen more than we talk), appreciate the journey of others promises to open the gate to gratitude...

Utility Connections

Helping people relocate and get connected once they move is easy with a website I called  Just enter in an address and a zip code and all the cable, phone, internet, and utilities service possibilities for that particular address come up.  The site even helps the consumer figure out the "bundle" options for services, and offers options to save money.  It's an easy way to be helpful to buyers, I use it regularly and its super easy to use.

The Fortune You Seek Might be in Another Cookie….

I wrote this blog for Active Rain, it a website where Realtors share their experience, properties, and network.

479864_10200169793341383_745216227_nChange, looking outside the box or getting rid of it all together is often the best course of action!  In real estate, every property is different, every property has a different history, story, owner, needs, location, terms, price, and best use.  The list of opportunities to market any property are long and offer so many options to market differently.  Sellers deserve this kind of service, do it do you do it new and different and keep it fresh?  What's your story... how you tell the property's story?  The use of video, twitter, facebook, sponsored facebook ads, newspaper, Linkedin, Vizify,direct mail, connecting at networking events, having open houses for specific target groups, open houses on weekends, zaptd short videos, "are you a power networker", do you work with other brokers, it's really together that we get this work done, researching where your potential buyers may come from...that reminds me, I gotta get back to work.....:)


Fishhawk Lake Custom Log Home…Here you will find peace…

I just listed this Luxury Custom Log home at Fishhawk Lake in Birkenfeld Oregon.  It's in the Northwest region of Oregon and approximately a little over an hours drive from Portland Oregon.The next door lot is also listed separately for 119,000.00, the Log home is listed for 298,000.00.  It is surrounded by state forest land, wildlife of many kinds, many species of birds, and fish waiting to be caught in the Lake directly outside the double french doors of this gorgeous Log Home.  The rock fireplace is crafted of real rocks and the open floor plan allows the fireplace to heat up this cozy log home quickly.  This home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a loft area that can be used as additional sleeping space, office, or a fun place to just hang out and look out over the lake, or up at the stars.  There is a fire pit by the lake and private dock, with a drift boat and canoes. Serenity abides here.... Fishhawk Log Home

Historic Property Discussion Opportunities on Linkedin…

I have recently paid more attention to my Linkedin in profile, connections, and started a discussion in a Historic & Preservation group.  I posed the following question:

Selling historic property is about finding the next steward.  What matters to those who buy a restoration project?

There have been a number of responses from tradespeople, preservationists, others who have an interest in this topic, and it continues.  I have not utilized Linkedin as a resource in the past, but I certainly will in the future.  It is a purposeful network, and offers the opportunity for specific discussions with specific groups that have in kind interests.  I often wonder who sees my posts on Facebook and if they are worthwhile, there is a smaller, but stronger connectivity opportunity in the Linkedin network.  I encourage others to use it, and most of all contribute to it.  It is after all a lesson in give and you shall receive!

Networking Behavior…it’s Value

I received a call from a potential buyer on the East Coast last week, now that's a long way away from me, as I am on the West Coast.  His family is planning moving out here, and when I asked how he found me, he replied, I found you on the internet.  He also said, he not only found me on the internet, he noticed I had a place on the internet with my blogs, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and you tube.  So there is proof that taking time daily to connect through these mediums and many others can pay off in meeting potential buyers and sellers of real estate.  Everybody knows somebody... I've come to understand that having a plan of social networking is critical to the success of most any business, and is very important to success in real estate.

We tell much about ourselves through Facebook, twitter, and others.  It is personal, and a way to develop relationships over time.  Networking is a behavior, I always say my business will be as successful as my network....Ultimately because a constant network is of value in so many ways, I'm able to a better job for my clients, who often become friends!

Networking makes "work" fun!

Astoria RV Park & Golf Course for Sale + 12 Res. Acres

Think about buying a property that would be fun to go to work at everyday!  This property is perfect for those who enjoy travel,  RV's, golf, and others that do the same.  This RV park boasts beautiful greens, chemical free golf course, it all organically maintained.  It also has a nightly park model unit, and several monthly park model rental units.  Occupancy grows every year in this park, as word travels in the RV park world.  Professional Guide Fishermen often stay here, be sure to check the video tab on the V flyer!

Basement Blog….

Basements....some of us have them, some of us don't.  If you are putting your home on the

market a basement clean-up is a must! There are several stages to making that happen.

First, get rid of ALL items you no longer need or use.  For those things you choose to keep

invest in some inexpensive shelving to store those things.  It will make it easier

when your home sells and you are in the process of moving.  Second, enlarge the space

by moving everything to the exterior walls, it's a much cleaner visual picture for a

buyer.  If there are things you just can't part with and it still appears cluttered,consider

renting a small storage space.  Next do a deep cleaning, get rid of the musty smell,

wash down the walls if needed, sweep it out, and clean the floor, wipe down the furnace,

and any other items in view, make it shine.  Removing moisture with a dehumidifier

may help as well.  If your basement is concrete and unfinished, a coat of a light paint

color lightens it up, and makes it much more pleasing to the eye.  If your basement is

finished and used as a family/rec room, keep it clean and fresh for showings.